Our Bicentennial Year - In Brief

December 2001 -
Winner announced in “Name the Gargoyle” Contest: Barnabus is the gargoyle atop Christ Church; sellout of “The Bell Tower” story book and introduction of the commemorative Christ Church Christmas Ornament at the 2001 Holly Fair; printing of the Bicentennial Guide to outline upcoming events for the year and suggest recipes and costumes.

January 2002 -
Ladies Sewing Circle made costumes/aprons/mob caps for girls and women;
Pot Luck Family Dinner enjoyed by over 75 participants, many in costume; Commemorative placemats printed depicting the former and current church structures.

March 2002 -
Arthur (Ward) Wright completed transcription of 50 years of the Parish Minute books onto computer discs in preparation for the church history to be updated.

April 2002 -
Benefit organ recital by Maxine Thevenot with wine and cheese reception.
Photos taken of church members for the Fall 2002 Membership Directory.

May 2002 -
Historic Church Service on Trinity Sunday, May 26th led by Father Hughs followed the traditions of 1800. Over 35 people marched in costume in the American Legion’s Memorial Day Parade, carrying balloons and a banner: “Christ Church: Celebrating 200 Years of Worship 1802-2002”.

June 2002 -
Farewell service led by Father Hughs as he took early retirement. A luncheon reception followed the service, held at the Pavlovich home.

August 2002 -
Arthur (Ward) Wright interviewed by Newsday for Aug. 24, 2002 issue: “People of Faith”.

September 2002 -
Distribution of the New Membership Directory, including photos of the costumed Pot Luck Dinner participants and children of the parish; A Formal Dinner Dance at the Port Washington Yacht Club was attended by over 65 people; Presentation of an Historic Proclamation to Christ Church by N.Y. State Assemblyman Tom DiNapoli.
Bicentennial Sunday, Sept. 15th, led by Father Hughs, was attended by over 150 people: Bishop Orris Walker gave the sermon and blessed the new doors of the sanctuary; premiere of Dignus Es music commissioned by Valerie Dibble Guttierez, composed by McNeil Robinson and directed by Maxine Thevenot; entire service was professionally recorded on videotape. A reception followed the service, with hostesses in period costume.

October 2002 -
Christ Church Sunday School began work on a Time Capsule, to be ready by June 2003.

November 2002 -
Presentation of a banner on Christ The King Sunday for the occasion of Christ Church’s 200th Anniversary, by the children of the Community Reformed Church.

December 2002 -
Release of the publication “Stained Glass Windows”: a full color book describing the provenance and interpretation of the 18 windows of Christ Church. Prepublication orders numbered 60 out of the 100 total books printed. Several books were sold at the Holly Fair, along with Commemorative Bicentennial items.
Throughout the year, publicity in the Manhasset Press and The Dominion included photos and articles about the Church’s History and Bicentennial. During each event held on church premises, historical documents and photographs were displayed on posters.

Funds were raised by sales of:

Numerous donations of funds were made by devoted friends and members of Christ Church. Total donations/funds raised in 2002: $6987.31 Total Expenses: $5032.97.

Special thanks for exceptional service to Christ Church go to Peter Carucci for his patience and time expended in photography of the stained glass windows and preparation of the Stained Glass book. Donation of the use of a motorized scaffold for photography of the windows was courtesy of Robert Pavlovich. Thanks also go to Joseph Wallace, for his skill at illustrating the Gargoyle Story Book, and to Arthur Field, for his photography of events and editing of the videotape.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phyllis Sternemann and Arthur (Ward) Wright, Bicentennial Committee Co-Chairs.
Committee Members: Carol Allen, Oriana Cyprus, Father Leslie Hughs, Holly Melichar, Valerie Siener, and Marianne Templeton Source: 2003 Annual Report

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