Outreach: Helping our Neighbors

Christ Church has had a long tradition of outreach ministry. Various projects are oriented toward the Christ Church Parish Family, others toward the local community and still others with a focus much more global.

Camp DeWolfe Day of Service
Saturday, October 5

Please sign up or contact Patti Crisafulli email pattinms@gmail.com to join us in a day of productive fellowship and fun. Camp DeWolfe is located on the Long Island Sound, in Wading River. After a wonderful summer camp season, they are cleaning the beach, gardens and other areas. For images of past service days, visit www.campdewolfe.org.

Please sign up so we can carpool to Wading River, and provide an accurate headcount. Students who volunteer will be given credit for service hours.

Blessing Bags

What you can give - items and/or time!

Blessing bags are created and assembled by us, and given to people in need. What is needed: gallon ziploc bags, personal care products( hand sanitizer, tissues, wipes, chapstick, lotion, tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, brush, comb, deodorant, etc.); snacks that have a long shelf life( trail mix, granola bars, gum, minus, crackers, etc. and prayers or unsigned notes of encouragement. If you are able to donate any type of nylon, cotton or canvas drawstring bag, that would be wonderful, too. We will take time each week at June coffee and fellowship hour to assemble bags, and distribute our first collection at the end of June.

Thank you for your continued support!! If you have any question, please contact Patti Crisafulli pattinms@gmail.com.

Outreach Volunteers Needed

Patti Crisafulli has been responsible for the very successful diaper drive and for gathering and delivering food from church to LICC Food Bank. As we seek to expand outreach efforts in this interim period, with a goal of identifying our particular gifts, we could use some more hands. We need help choosing efforts, publicizing them, and working out the logistics of speakers or goods delivery or meeting the folks we help. Anyone interested, please contact Patti at pattinms@gmail.com.

Episcopal Ministries of Long Island

It's time for Episcopal Ministries of Long Island (EMLI)'s annual appeal. Christ Church will be collecting donations and pledges for their programs with special envelopes provided. Please prayerfully consider picking up an envelope after the Service on Sunday, March 31, 2019 and return to church (or Parish Office) by Sunday April 7, 2019. Or you may donate online.

EMLI energizes local ministries with community partners in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

Use Amazon Smile

Did you know every Amazon purchase you make can benefit Christ Church? Amazon donates 0.5% of every purchase made using Christ Church's AmazonSmile address to our Alms Fund, which provides food and shelter for the needy, scholarships for youth, and other charitable outreach. Help make a difference for the items you'd be buying anyway. Make a bookmark for our AmazonSmile address and visit it for all your Amazon purchases!

Save the date for the upcoming cemetery tour!

Historic Cemetery Tour
October 19, 2019

Save the Date! Costumed re-enactors will revisit the Manhasset of 100 years ago. Ticket sales for this fundraiser will be available on Eventbrite in August. More info >>

Christ Church is hosting an historic cemetery tour in October. There will be costumed re-actors representing people who died over 100 years ago and are buried in the Christ Church cemetery.

Please contact Phyllis Sternemann at genjeo@gmail.com or 917-855-9411. High school students that volunteer will receive community service hours.

Food for the Hungry

As we continue to support the Long Island Council of Churches food pantry in Freeport, your donations of boxed pasta, canned goods, and staple non-perishable items are especially valued. Please be cautious not to donate food that is past its expiration or "use by" date.


Yet I am poor and needy; may the Lord think of me. You are my help and my deliverer; O my God, do not delay.    Psalm 40:17